WATCH: Out Soccer Player Anton Hysén Shakes His Shapely Swedish Bon-Bon On Dancing Show


Undeniably cute Swedish footballer Anton Hysen made a bit of a splash when he came out last year, and it seems that he’s managed to drum up some celebrity from the whole kerfuffle.

He’s parlayed that into a competitor spot on Just Dance, the Swedish take on Dancing With The Stars. In the video above, he does a high-energy number to Maroon 5/Christina Aguilera’s “Moves Like Jagger.” While he can definitely dance, I was digging the skin-tight outfit—and yes, that top is most certainly see-through.

And, in case his butt-hugging get-up has your mind wandering, here’s Anton bein’ silly at home and shaking what his mama gave him to some Swedish-ish reggae song. Yeah, we wish the sweatpants weren’t so baggy, too.