Life w/ The Leffews

WATCH: Over Dinner, The Leffews Remember the Good Old Days of Legal Marriage

Hottie Leffew dad Bryan — he of our favorite YouTube family — is cooking in the kitchen in a tank! Swoon. Oh, also Bryan and husband Jay talk this week about the one-year anniversary of California legalizing same-sex marriage, which allowed this pair to wed, and what’s going to happen when the State Supreme Court rules on Prop 8. Says Bryan: “I’m torn. Sometimes there’s a part of me that always wants to say, ‘Well, if this nation doesn’t value me as a citizen enough to give me the same rights as everybody else, why should I be contributing to that society and that culture?’ But then there’s another voice that follows right after that says, ‘If you don’t, how does that culture ever live up to the ideals that it says it upholds, if there’s nobody willing to stand there?'”