Watch: Paris Hilton Met Her Drag Queen Doppelganger at a Lady Gaga Concert

Paris Hilton Drag Queen Famous Sparkle Lady Gaga ArtRave Los Angeles Staples Center

On her way into Lady Gaga‘s artRave ‘The ARTPOP Ball’ at the Staples Center in Los Angeles, Paris Hilton met Famous Sparkle, a drag queen who sees Paris as her muse and aspires to be her doppelganger.

Famous, who has a bit of a ways to go before she becomes a doppelganger, became a fan girl when she met Paris and was definitely star stuck. Paris, however, maintained her calm throughout the interaction, seemed happy and even agreeed to take several pictures with Famous and her friend.

Watch the interaction below.

“I cannot believe how nice you’re being,” Famous said as she snapped a photo of Paris and her scantily clad friend, to which one of the photographers responded, “She’s always nice, man, she’s always nice.” Um… Famous isn’t a “man”, man… she a lady! 😉

During the interaction, at around 35 seconds into the above video, Famous mentions a YouTube fan video that she created of Paris’ song ‘Come Alive,’ to which Paris halfheartedly promised “I’ll check it out.” While we can’t confirm whether or not she actually did watch it, we were able to find the video for you to watch… (Don’t expect to be blown out of the water by this video)