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WATCH: Paris Hilton’s New Song “Good Time” Is Anything But

Lord help us. After a seven hear hiatus from the music industry, Paris Hilton has risen from the dead with a new single.

“Good Time” is about getting tipsy and partying, two things on which she’s an expert. The dance-pop song was written and produced by Afrojack, with additional lyrics by Lil’ Wayne and the hotel heiress herself.

“Good times are here/And you know they’re here to stay,” croons Hilton, rather unconvincingly. “If you’re not here to party/Move and get out of the way.”

But not even heavy auto-tune and a cameo appearance by Lil’ Wayne can bring this disaster to life.

In the just-released video, Hilton wears a leather studded bathing suit as she writhes around at the edge of a pool sing-talking the lyrics: “Wo-oh, let’s party, party, party/Yeah, let’s party/And have a good time.”

Other people soon join the festivities and before you know it there’s a pool full of extras splashing around and bopping awkwardly to the synthetic beat while Hilton flips her hair, licks her lips and waves a glow stick around.

“Are you having a good time?” she asks.

It’s unclear whether she’s asking the question to us or to herself. But either way, the answer seems to be the same: No.

And no amount of repeating the word “party” will change anyone’s mind.

Check out the video below.

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  • 2eo

    The fucking fuck is this fucking fuck.

    This is worse than cancer, and that’s not even hyperbole.

  • Dixie Rect


  • MikeE

    In the game World of Warcraft, there is an NPC (non-player character) called “Haris Pilton”, who sells an item called “Bottomless Hole”. Appropriate, somehow.

  • jimbryant

    Will this disgusting heiress ever go away? Herpes is better than this.

  • jwrappaport

    Hannah Arendt put it perfectly: “The spare time of the animal laborans is never spent in anything but consumption, and the more time left to him, the greedier and more craving his appetites.” That is Paris in a nutshell, and indeed why liberating man from necessity and work does little to change man himself.

    There are people whose absence would make the world a better place. She is one of those people.

  • Tone

    Paris Hilton, famous for no longer being famous.

  • GeriHew

    I think she should make a new porno.

  • tardis

    Ok, I’ll say it. Her last album was actually pretty good. I really liked “Nothing in this World.” This is too…techno trash. Maybe she should have hired a better lyricist or…I don’t know. Either way, it’s a pretty bad song.

  • Mark

    Goog grief, she’s still doing the “singing” thing?

  • wakeupscreaming

    I like it!
    Haters, find a hobby.

  • Geoff B

    It’s no worse than other music of this type. Granted that’s like not being the ugliest turd in the punchbowl. Why is she back? She has more than enough money to go on living her life as a spoiled, vacuous dickfart without inflicting herself on the world yet again.

  • ho

    Doesn’t look like she had the gays help her with this one.
    To paraphrase Simon Cowell the best thing she could do for her musical act is leave it.

  • Spike

    The Ibiza Euro trash will eat that crap up, but they will have re-mix and remove the black kid from it.

    She was so much more interesting when she was in jail and refusing to eat because she was afraid one of the guards would take a picture of her shitting on the toilet. Now that REAL talent!

  • Dxley

    She once said that “gay men are the horniest people on the planet, and they probably all have Aids” and so hates us. No matter what she says next or tries to apologize, I’d never forgive her. This is really how she feels about us. Dumb bitch. She’s not sorry because she hurt people with what she said, she’s just sorry because she got caught. I hate you, Paris. Die, whore!!!

  • Jayson

    Sorry, I can’t resist. Who?

  • Tommy Marx

    Wow, this is a bad song. I don’t hold it against Paris Hilton that she has a featherweight voice; some of my favorite songs are by Paula Abdul, and her voice wasn’t much stronger. But this sounds like it was written by that guy that wrote the “It’s Friday” song. It doesn’t have lyrics, it has random cliches, and it has no real tune at all. Mariah Carey couldn’t make this song work.

    As for Paris, with all that money she has, surely she can pay to get decent songwriters and DJs to work with her. I don’t remember the name of her one “hit” song, but I remember it wasn’t that bad. If she really wants to try pursuing singing though, she’s gonna have to find songs better than this nonentity.

  • stanhope

    Now that all of the hate is out of the way…Paris looks good…reminds me of Morgan Fairchild who always was super hot. The song sucks and I agree the gays must have left her on this one. I’m a little bit tipsy? Somebody at the record company didn’t like her much. I liked the remix of Stars are Blind..she needs to get those folks back. To Paris, laugh all of the way to the bank. If nothing else, she’s better than those Kardashians.

  • 2eo

    @stanhope: Better than the Kardashians, so we’re discussing whether you’d like to be clinically dead at 3am or 3:05am.

  • NateB79

    @wakeupscreaming: I have a hobby. It’s listening to music that doesn’t make my ears bleed.

  • Spike

    @Tommy Marx: Lots of strippers and hookers would be considered ‘hot’.

    If you can’t remember the name of that one song, then chances are it wasn’t a ‘hit’.

    No amount of money can make a no talent blonde brainless self-indulgent idiot . . . talented.

  • Chilly

    I just read where in next weeks “Today in fuckery and jesus crap” magazine,Pat Robertson is going to let everyone know that this song is what the monkeys fucked to while creating polio AIDS. It is suspicious that the CD single comes with a free bottle of Valtrex.

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