She's Baaack

WATCH: Paris Hilton’s New Song “Good Time” Is Anything But

Lord help us. After a seven hear hiatus from the music industry, Paris Hilton has risen from the dead with a new single.

“Good Time” is about getting tipsy and partying, two things on which she’s an expert. The dance-pop song was written and produced by Afrojack, with additional lyrics by Lil’ Wayne and the hotel heiress herself.

“Good times are here/And you know they’re here to stay,” croons Hilton, rather unconvincingly. “If you’re not here to party/Move and get out of the way.”

But not even heavy auto-tune and a cameo appearance by Lil’ Wayne can bring this disaster to life.

In the just-released video, Hilton wears a leather studded bathing suit as she writhes around at the edge of a pool sing-talking the lyrics: “Wo-oh, let’s party, party, party/Yeah, let’s party/And have a good time.”

Other people soon join the festivities and before you know it there’s a pool full of extras splashing around and bopping awkwardly to the synthetic beat while Hilton flips her hair, licks her lips and waves a glow stick around.

“Are you having a good time?” she asks.

It’s unclear whether she’s asking the question to us or to herself. But either way, the answer seems to be the same: No.

And no amount of repeating the word “party” will change anyone’s mind.

Check out the video below.