WATCH: Party People Pick The Best ’80s Films


Here’s Ongina with a dancing hunk whose favorite 80s movies are Outrageous Fortune, Overboard, The Little Mermaid, Adventures in Babysitting, Roxanne, All of Me, The Man with Two Brains, Hairspray, Crybaby, 9 to 5, Moonstruck, Big Trouble in Little China, Clue, Mannequin, Repo Man, Who Framed Roger Rabbit, Raiders of the Lost Ark, Hannah and her Sisters, Willow, Blue Velvet, Working Girl, Coming to America, Trading Places, Beverly Hills Cop, Second Sight, Amadeus, Sophie’s Choice, Silkwood, Body Heat, Airplane!, Crimes of the Heart, Beaches, Xanadu, Terms of Endearment, Chariots of Fire, The Color Purple, Blade Runner, Aliens, Gorillas in the Mist, Legend, The Killing Field, Children of the Corn, Breakin’ and Breakin 2, and Captain EO.

And there you have it, a complete list of every movie you should ever see, ever.