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  • Marc

    Ugh, he is just gross!
    Die man die!

  • osocubano

    Sex with Pat Robertson would be necrophilia AND bestiality…

  • IDoWhatICan

    The bible doesn’t have proscriptions on polygamy. In fact, the patriarchs, and david practiced polygamy.

    Just goes to show that Patty Rob has no concept on how biblical prescriptions actually effect ethics or law.

  • John (yet another John)

    If this guy had his way, he’d be burning heretics at the stake like they did in “the good old days”!

  • Chuck

    doesn’t this creature have some backwoods hillbillys he should be conning out of their life’s savings, then crying about it on tv?

  • Pish Tush

    I’m not necessarily AGAINST polygamy…if all consenting ADULTS sign off on it. I guess that’s the whole point. Jokes about bestiality & pedophelia aside, these cannot become law, because both parties would not be CONSENTING ADULTS. I hate to put it so simply, but jeez, a six-year-old child or a horse can’t sign any contract, how could they legally be married??? It’s all about legal contracts, Pat, not your personal belief system.

  • Trey

    Using Pat’s logic the legality of divorce should have opened the floodgates to pedophilia, bestiality, etc.

    What an idiot.

  • Schwingguy

    Does the concept of separation of church and state mean anything to you?? Pat you are so stupid, you’re ALMOST funny.

  • mark

    He’s still alive?

    want to key up the filthy F*CKIN video of this crazy old f*cktard blaming gays for 9/11?

  • Joanaroo

    Put Pat Robertson, G. W. Bush, Carrie Prejean, Elizabeth Hasselbeck, and all these other religioso haters on a deserted island and aim and fire a nuke at it! GOOD RIDDANCE!

  • KyleR

    Now that is mental gymnastics. I don’t understand this arrangement. Allow homosexuals to marry and you can go marry a DUCK!!! WTF? And I so don’t get how pedophilia always gets brought up when talking about homosexual rights. All of the study’s have found that the perp is always known to the family. And the majority of them are straight. With their own kids!!!!!

  • mikebuc

    There is only one reason why Pat Robertson and those of his ilk continue to preach this same old tired and many times debunked argument. Money. I can assure you in this same telecast Robertson with much more zest and enthusiasm than he displayed in voicing his “fear” of same-sex marriage, conned little old ladies into sending him their social security checks. This man and his pals bring in millions of dollars and live extravagant lives. There is no doubt they are not seriously concerned about marriage, or children or anything else except raking in the tax free donations.

  • dgz

    you know, “Pat’s” name is really Marion? Marion Barry and Marion Robertson — a bad news week for man-marys.

  • Aaron Khan

    Who cares what old Pat says. *rolling eyes*

    He’s going to croak soon anyway.

  • Dennis

    Attention: Obama hating wingnuts

    Kindly look at the above picture…this is a real-life BIGOT. One who spreads lies and hate directed at homosexuals. Please remember the difference between the terms “bigot” and a “politician”, they are infact, not interchangeable.

    Thank you.

  • Helga Von Ornstein

    Is ol’ brother Oral still around?

  • trent-

    why do gay people have such a hard time with this argument. The second someone brings up polygamy we have nothing to say in our defense.

    You say: “Homosexuality is a sexual orientation. It is who you are. There is nothing intrinsic that makes someone want more than one person at a time. Bans on polygamy are bans based on personal preferences, bans on homosexuality has to do with personhood itself.”


  • stevenelliot

    Isnt this the guy who starred as the undertaker in that Phantasm movie??

  • Marion from Germany

    …so what was Jesus? Wasn´t he hanging around with guys the whole time? What is this called mr. Patterson?

  • Marion from Germany

    @dgz: don´t say that, look at my name, i´m female but proud to be gay.

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