WATCH: PBS Wishes Julia Child A Happy 100th Birthday With This Amazing Remix

Wanting to get creative in celebrating super-foodie Julia Child’s centennial, PBS asked John D. Boswell, aka melodysheep, to create Julia Child Remix. We thought it would just be a gag, but damn if if this doesn’t have the catchiness of Antoine Dodson’s home-invasion rap.

For more Child goodness, visit the PBS website.

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  • Stephen


  • Stephen

    I guess “Amazing” isn’t the word I’d use. More like “Mediocre, and whoo hoo, you used the autotune trick, isn’t that special?” I do love Julia Child, though.

  • JT

    You do realize that she was very homophobic don’t you?

  • Mr. Enemabag Jones

    Didn’t she once complain that “fags” were taking over the cooking industry?

  • Toby

    That fat old bitch with a voice like a half digested fruit cake and a wardrobe that hung on her lumpy body like a burial shroud (and let’s not even mention hair like a sociopathic Brillo pad trying to escape from solitary confinement) was indeed homophobic, did indeed complain that “fags were taking over” and produced a cookbook, that frankly, isn’t half as useful as “Joy of Cooking.” Let her stay dead.

  • Eddie

    It’s sad but prejudice – like love – knows no age, sex, race, faith, social
    position, education level…You name it…
    I didn’t kown who Julia Child was so after read this article I did a research and
    found that she was a well borned and rised girl that went to many good schools as
    ” Le Cordon Bleu ” when she got married. She was offered chances in life to learn
    and be enlightened.
    And then I read here that she was a homofobe that wasn’t ashamed to voice her thoughts for for the whole world to hear.
    People are amazing, complex, disturbing: One more exemple to show us what people are
    made for.

  • Coop

    I find it strange that Queerly censored my original comment because I called here homosexual hating — Third letter in the alphabet rhymes with runt. Yet she had no problem hating on us.
    Refusing to work with gay men, calling us “f—–it”, I don’t want to be censored again.

    Shame on you Queerly, clearly you have a agenda!

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