WATCH: PETA Supports Gay Families And Adoption

PETA’s latest video features a happy gay couple and their new bundle of joy. After gushing over the latest addition to their household, one of the partners brings out a present he got the little one; a pair of baby shoes. But then he pulls out one of the laces and hands to the baby…which turns out to be a kitten!

While celebrating the defeat of DOMA and Prop. 8, PETA wanted to reaffirm their support for the community through promotion of this feel good video, adding that “PETA’s for [gay adoption]—no matter the species of the adoptee!”
Despite the cheesiness, you can’t help but go “aww.” And even more so when the couple in the video kiss one another in joy of their new little family.

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  • 2eo

    PETA can choke on a giant bag of supercancer. Animal and people murdering vermin.

  • andy_d

    If PETA cared so much, then they would close their kill shelters.

  • miagoodguy

    If PETA is for it, then I might change my mind and be against gay adoption. PETA is such a fascist organization.

  • anna27

    Any wrongs PETA has done are a tiny compared to the billions of animals tortured and killed each year by the meat industry. Its not surprising then that PETA is the main target of industry backed pretend advocacy group Centre for Consumer Freedom which has done a great job diverting attention from the horrific way animals are treated by industries towards those who oppose such treatment.

    Info on CCF and its CEO Richard Berman

    This neutral “organization” is the origin for the info on PETA through their websites humanewatch and petakillsanimals

    Please understand these people do not care about animals. On the contrary they are simply trying to discredit those who oppose their brutal and sadistic treatment of animals. For example, Richard Berman has recently defended industry use of sow stalls which confine pregnant sows during pregnancy (and they are impregnated repeatedly for their entire life)in stalls so small they can’t even turn around. Berman urges industry to fight any attempts at reform and has even come up with the term “individual maternity pens” to make this torturous confinement sound nicer.

  • anna27

    Here is a website with all the front groups he leads for corporate clients:

  • miagoodguy

    They are FOOD. Get over it. Humans are meat eaters.

  • 2eo

    @anna27: I sincerely hope a rabid dog kills your kids.

  • anna27

    miagoodguy – believe it or not, cruel industry wide practices such as extreme confinement, body mutilations, and acts such as grinding up “surplus” chicks alive and slaughtering animals in high speed systems where they are often “processed” while still kicking are not required for meat consumption.

    2neo – thank you for once again demonstrating your evil sadistic tendencies. Please see a psychologist soon. You seem to fit the sociopath profile quite well.

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