WATCH: Peugeot Choose-Your-Own-Adventure Ad Delivers Nude Cutie, Gay Scenes

In this new spot for the Peugeot 208, a randy Casanova finds himself running through the streets naked after his girlfriend catches him in bed with another woman. (The chap’s naughty bits are tastefully blurred, keeping the clip relatively SFW).

One of the things we like best about the French automaker’s ad—besides the handsome actor playing our hapless hero—is that viewers can decide on the choice he makes along the way and affect the course of the story. Another thing we like? The part where he accidentally winds up on stage at a gay nightclub and, instead of being mortified, gets into the groove of things.

Too bad they don’t sell Peugeots in America.

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  • DiCicatriz

    It’s a cute ad and the choose-your-own-adventure idea is fun… but he cheats on his girlfriend/spouse/whatever and all it takes is a couple hours and some stolen flowers for her to get over it? I can only assume women are a completely irrelevant demographic for them…

  • Marie Cohn

    Apparently, young French straight men don’t spend any time in the gym.

  • Marie Cohn

    Make that _British_ men, when the sound is turned on.

  • David Gervais

    This is an interesting development in online advertising; there are seven minutes of content before the explicit commercial part. This is a complete reveral of TV ads that have become shorter over the years, often just a 5 second promotional hammerlock, and doing nothing to justify the viewer’s engagement. Online advertising might be evolving away from its TV and magazine precedents.

  • dsp

    @Marie Cohn: To both your comments…what does it always have to be a mucled bound steroid pumping airhead to jack your moe joe? I thought he was attractive. It seems you buy into the srerotypical, ain’t 20 yrs old, 6 feet 1, 215 lbs with rippling muscles….ain’t worth watching? Is that it? Jim Parsons frong big bang theory ain’t too much into the gym and by golly has a emmy and an emmy show? Just saying…

  • Mike

    @Marie Cohn: Yeah, because he was SUCH a porker. Sit down.

  • iDavid

    He doesnt have to be a ripped ass hottie, but somewhere in between would be nice. If you’re gong to drop trou, at least make it worth it to those watching, or keep it zipped. Couch potatoes are a dime a dozen. Yawwwn. This comm isn’t worth a second glance, and barely a first.

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