WATCH: Philly Wedding Descends Into Brawl. Are Straight People Destroying Traditional Marriage?

A wedding at a Philadelphia hotel devolved into a drunken all-out melee in the lobby early yesterday morning, as three guests were arrested and another man apparently died of a heart attack.

A 15-year-old girl staying at the Sheraton Society Hill Hotel took the above video of the fight, which involved guests from two different weddings, according to A police spokesman said there was “a lot of alcohol fueling the fight.”

Color us shocked.

The video shows a chaotic scene in which uniformed police officers try to separate and subdue several guests. One officer is seen repeatedly striking at least one person with a baton. A woman’s blood-curdling screams are also heard.

“Did they just deck the bride?” a man’s voice is heard saying on the video. “They just decked the bride.”

A 57-year-old man, who was attending his niece’s weddings, suffered a heart attack and was pronounced dead at a nearby hospital. Two guests were charged with disorderly conduct, and another was tased and cited for assault against a police officer. More arrests are expected, say authorities.

Maybe they were all fighting over who was defending traditional marriage better?