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WATCH: PinkNews Founder Benjamin Cohen Explains How It Gets Better For Gays Of Faith

When we saw that a Brit named Ben Cohen made an It Gets Better video, we automatically assumed it was the gay-friendly rugby player, who has already done so much to help combat LGBT bullying.

Actually it’s Benjamin Cohen, a correspondent for the UK’s Channel 4 News and the founder of the international LGBT outlet PinkNews (a site familiar to readers of Queerty).  And his clip is particularly noteworthy because it’s aimed at queer youth raised in communities of faith.

We’ve addressed how LGBT kids in the States can wind up in unsympathetic environments like evangelical Christian colleges, but here Cohen speaks about his own experience of being raised in an observant Jewish home and eventually realizing he was “twice blessed” to be born both gay and Jewish.

It’s also worth noting Channel 4 obviously allowed Cohen to use its studio to film in. We can’t imagine, say, ABC  doing the same for Sam Champion.

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