Campaign Comeback

Watch as police arrest Trump’s former campaign manager shirtless, drunk and screaming in the streets

Brad Parscale. Via Flickr

Apparently, this election is driving everyone crazy.

Police in Fort Lauderdale, Florida have arrested Brad Parscale, the former campaign manager to Donald Trump. Parscale’s wife alerted law enforcement after he allegedly beat her and threatened suicide while brandishing a gun.

Parscale remains hospitalized for psychiatric evaluation under the Baker Act. Candice Parscale, the 44-year-old wife of Brad Parscale, called 911 on Sunday after she began to fear for her safety. She met police in the street outside the couple’s upscale Seven Isles home, wearing only a bikini.

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“Candace [sic] advised after a verbal altercation, Bradley manipulated his slide to the rear loading his firearm in front of her,” the police report reads, according to News 10. “Candace [sic] immediately fled [the] residence and stated she heard a loud bang shortly after. Candace [sic] stated that they realized that Bradley did not shoot himself when they heard Bradley ranting and pacing around the residence and the dog barking franticly. However, they were concerned that Bradley might still try to shoot himself, due to him being in possession of several firearms and refusing to vacate the residence.”

Parscale eventually emerged from the residence at the urging of police, shirtless, slurring his words, and with a beer can in hand. Officers then wrestled him to the ground, cuffed him and took him into custody. A search of the Parscale home uncovered 10 guns hidden around the house.

Brad Parscale emerged onto the national stage as campaign manager for Donald Trump’s 2016 presidential campaign. As a longtime employee of the Trump organization, Parscale excelled at digital outreach during the election season. Trump fired Parscale in July following his disastrous Tulsa rally over sagging poll numbers. In addition, rumors had dogged Parscale since 2016 regarding the misappropriation of campaign funds and illegal payouts from Super PACs.