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  • Mike

    One person’s behavior can’t “confirm” a stereotype.

  • Matt

    This is pretty bad, then again what else can we expect from queerty? Keep in mind queerty that most gay and bisexual men aren’t flaming queens and don’t act in stereotypical ways even if you want to claim that we do.

  • Aaron

    You posted this back in 2007.
    Still cute though.

  • Analog

    Yes, it is cute.
    Not sure why anyone would take offense.
    Nothing wrong with “flaming queens” after all…

  • Zane


  • Sohobod

    Good. But too long. There could easily have been just 10.

  • Pete N SFO

    He’s adorable, but I would have liked to see him today.

  • tim

    Actually adorable. It’s just a compilation of normal kid things juxtaposed with stereotypes that aren’t always true and aren’t not true. It’s actually perfect. People are people, and this little kid is effing hilariously cute.

  • Aquarelle

    Yuck, that kid is such a mincing nelly. I totes hate stereotypical gays. Whenever I see one of them I tell her, Honey, don’t act like such a queen in public, it gives the rest of us a bad image. OK, girlfriend?

  • LittIe,Kiwi


    define “Stereotypical Ways”.

    there is not just “one” gay stereotype. there are many. one of the most pathetic ones is the “Stereotypical Insecure Gay Man With No Balls Who Can’t Stop Telling People How Non-Stereotypical He Is”

    it’s a huge stereotype.

    But if you’re very concerned about how people perceive gay men, you could always do what Jason Bolicki did and post a video of yourself showing how non-stereotypical you think you are.

    Care to show us all?

  • KW

    @Aquarelle: Very funny! :-)

  • Aquarelle

    @LittIe,Kiwi: LittleKiwi like always you’re speaking truth to power, you’re a very thoughtful man and these people on these boards would do well to pay attention to you.

    Fight the good fight, my friend!

  • queertypie

    I saw MYSELF in 20 out of 20 of those clips. So be it. I am gay, always was gay, always will be gay and comfortable and proud of it.

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