WATCH: President Obama Celebrates LGBT Pride Month At The White House

After the world’s most adorable introduction, President Obama addressed LGBT Americans as part of the administration’s celebration of Pride Month.

“From Minnesota to Maryland, from the United States Senate to the NBA, it’s clear we’re reaching a turning point,” the President said after noting the appointment of Nitza Quiñones Alejandro as the nation’s first openly gay hispanic federal judge. “We’ve become not just more accepting, but more loving as a country, as a people. Hearts and minds change with time. Laws do too.”

Obama cited the major strides made in the past few years but acknowledged the tough road still ahead, while reaffirming his commitment to education, gun control and marriage equality — specifically mentioning his home state of Illinois which recently missed out on passing a bill.

Discussing another bill that’s been regularly delayed, the Employment Non-Discrimination Act, Obama said he is eager  to sign it and that “we need to get it done now.” While that may seem impossible, the President reminded those in attendance that crazier things have happened.

“After the last four and a half years, you can’t tell me things can’t happen. Look around, we’ve got gay and lesbian soldiers, sailors, airmen, Marines who are here today. We’ve got married couples from places like New York and Washington state.

“You’ve got a couple of guys here on stage,” he said referring to himself and Uncle Joe Biden, “I don’t think anybody in their high schools thought would be the President and Vice President of the United States. So don’t tell me things can’t happen once we put our minds to ’em.”

“The genius of America is that we can change.”

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  • Dakotahgeo

    Now who could not love a President and Administration like this?! President Obama has done so much for the GLBT community, above and beyond the call of duty, with grace and humility! I can’t wait to see what the next 3.5 years of his Presidency will bring!

  • Derek Williams

    The best thing ever to happen to America, Barack Obama, Joe Biden, Hillary Clinton and their wonderful administration have changed the landscape for LGBT completely.

  • gauty

    Yay, some more pinkwashing!

  • jeff4justice

    All hail the Democrat half of the 2-party system charade of lie-based wars, poverty, pollution, and eradication of individual rights.

    I guess LGBTs are suppose to care about gun control but just not the weapons Obama is using to kill innocent women and children throughout the world including Colorado teen Abdulrahman al-Awlaki. I guess bullying is ok if Obama does it. His war on women includes actual bombs.

    Can’t wait for the total surveillance society created by Bush & Obama to be in the hands of a Rick Santorum type.

    Obama Fact Sheet. Bush, Obama, Same Old Drama!

  • Dakotahgeo

    @jeff4justice: Rick Santorum and his type will fortunately be a thing of the past when we get done mopping the political floor with you jokers! You had your chance and crying in your stale beer is too late now. The Republican/TPods know it and they are embarrassed beyond belief and downright scared. I say they have every right to be so.

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