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Watch President Obama Dance A Torrid Tango In Buenos Aires

Obama Tango

During yesterday evening’s official state dinner to welcome President and Mrs. Obama to Argentina, the Commander-in-Chief found himself following someone else’s lead. NPR reports that two entertainers performing the country’s famous traditional dance invited the couple to join them for a few twirls around the floor.

As guests looked on, “a lithe dancer in a shimmery gold dress” approached the President to ask for a dance. After declining a couple of times, he finally relented to spend a couple of minutes doing his best to keep up with the graceful and dramatic choreography.

Mrs. Obama also took a spin around the dance floor with the woman’s male partner. While all eyes were on the President, Mrs. Obama looked much more comfortable with her partner — and the President’s — when the dance was finished.

Watch below as the First Couple enjoys Argentina‘s intimate and sexy dance.