WATCH: President Obama Slams MN’s Anti-Gay Law, Marriage Foes Losing Referendum Battle In WA, And More!

Marriage News Watch’s Matt Baume is back to explain Lambda Legal’s new DOMA lawsuit in Nevada—including how it compares to the Proposition 8 lawsuit filed by American Foundation for Equal Rights. Plus: Obama weighs in on Minnesota’s anti-gay constitutional amendment, anti-gay forces are having trouble getting signatures to put Washington State’s new marriage-equality law to a public referendum, and more!


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  • john

    This is getting ridiculous. The POTUS did no such thing.

  • B

    Re No. 1:

    The video clip claimed that Obama opposed anti-gay constitutional amendments, whether to a state constitution or the federal constitution. He was expressing an opinion on public policy. As someone who had taught at the University of Chicago Law School, he is well aware that a law may be a mistake regardless of whether it is constitutional.

    BTW, there was one person (someone who called in) on NPR this morning who said she was a Democrat, but an Evangelical Christian, and she opposed discrimination against gays, but did not want them to marry each other, saying something about an abomination. She was fine with DADT being repealed, however. One might surmise (as a wisecrack) that, since the Evangelicals can’t legally apply the death sentence suggested in Leviticus, the next best thing is to have gays killed in a military conflict while “defending their country.”

  • iDavid

    Not sure if this might be applicable to Washington’s slow sig-gathering, but it’s been raining like a mofu for the entire winter seemingly night n day. They need 20k sigs a week from today on…..don’t think so.

  • brian

    Oh, please. All Obama is doing is issuing periodic “gay-friendly” statements to keep us on side for the upcoming election. Ain’t working this time, Pres.

  • B

    No. 4 · brian wrote, “Oh, please. All Obama is doing is issuing periodic “gay-friendly” statements to keep us on side for the upcoming election.”

    … and he’s getting flack for it from NOM too – , which adds that “Romney was an early signer of NOM’s presidential pledge, representing his commitment to the nation to preserve and protect the traditional definition of marriage.” NOM claims that one reason it opposes Obama is that NOM doesn’t want him to be able to make another Supreme Court nomination.

  • Terry

    I think that the NOMbies are focusing on MD, I am hoping that the signature gathering doesn’t even allow it to get past the 1st round because I’m just sick of hearing about this prop 8 like situation where it’s granted and then they are allowed to halt it via referendum. It’s getting pretty old pretty fast.

    NOM also has not done ANYTHING real for marriage, it has only punished gay couples and opposed us at every turn. They have nothing to be proud of as they fade into the wastebin of history

  • Andrew

    Let’s be honest, Obama is not for LGBT rights, LGBT equality, or even same gender marriage even if queerty and the media want to pretend he is and claim that he is when he’s really not.

  • Andrea Pes

    Cool! Good post. Thanks for sharing.

  • Misty

    @Andrew: And thank you for screwing yourself over.

  • Misty

    @Andrew: WHen did they ever. It’s a fact that he condemned this.

  • Misty

    @john: What is wrong with people? Why is it once it’s a black guy we are willing to act like he’s the enemy?

  • Larry

    I think some of you guys only read queerty and not real news. do you have any idea the hate and division in american politics? obama can suggest an idea brought forth by republicans 5 years ago and now (because he is for it) they will filibuster it…nothing is getting done and america is turning into an uneducated backwater. gay marriage is not the only issue out there…hate obama and vote for romney and see how fast gay marriage is passed.

  • iDavid


    I think sone gays are mad at slow progress w Obama, but bottom line they will still vote for him.

  • iDavid

    PS I don’t agree that O’bama does not want gay rights. If he does not get second term I could see him installing an executive order to our favor.

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