WATCH: Pro-LGBT Rally Attacked By Fascists In Moscow


It’s difficult to tell who’s attacking whom in the above video, but according to a report by LGBT Asylum News writer Paul Canning, a group of peaceful liberal protesters—including women’s-rights and LGBT activists—were attacked by neo-Nazis in Moscow on Saturday. Authorities stepped in to separate the groups, but several protesters were arrested, one just for carrying a pro-gay sign.

According to Margaret, a member of the Raduga Association (Moscow) and a participant in the rally, the goal of the event was to protest against chauvinistic populism as the trend of the current election campaign involving stigmatisation and appeals for discrimination of the more vulnerable segments of the society…

The protest was sanctioned by the Moscow government [and] fascist groups had widely announced their intention to gather at the same place and “bathe in blood” the perceived “enemies of the Russian people…”

One older counter-protester said: “We wanted to see these demons, these beast in the flesh, for ourselves. It is because of them that God will punish the holy Russia and its people. They want to exterminate the holy nation of Russ.”

Younger fascists chanted calls to beat, torture and exterminate gays—incitement which met with little reaction on the part of the police.

Sadly, this is about as close as they get to permitting a gay Pride parade in Moscow.