Shaba laba tala rosa tala

Watch A Pro-Trump Preacher Maniacally Speak In Tongues To Praise Hillary’s Defeat


Pastor John Kilpatrick of the Evangel Temple in Meridian, Mississippi expressed his jubilation over the defeat of Hillary Clinton by screaming in tongues during a recent sermon. And, lucky for us, the whole thing was caught on tape.

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Shortly after the November 8 election, Kilpatrick used the pulpit to preach his support of Donald Trump as well as speak about his contempt for President Obama, Hillary Clinton, and all things non-Christian.

“The last eight years, we have had in our government as system that has tried to capture the minds of Americans,” Kilpatrick hollers. “We’ve had an election now! Things are going to open up! God’s spirit is going to begin to move again in America! Shayi yayi yayi yaya! PRAISE HIM! WOOOOO!”

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“Shaba bala bata larosa talala!” he continues, sweat dripping from his brow. “Freedom! Freedom again! Freedom! Freedom to lift your voice! Freedom to praise the Lord! Woo hoo! Aye yay yay yay! Hara dasa dada!”

“Spirit of God! Spirit of God! Spirit of God! Spiritofgodspiritofgodspiritofgodspiritofgod!” he adds. “C’mon, church! Woo! Bara rama hamama sama baby yama! …Victory, finally, VICTORY!

Watch the insane video below…