WATCH: Prop 8 Documentary “Inspired” Coming To Amazon, iTunes

Just in time for the holidays, the Prop 8 documentary Inspired: The Voices Against Prop 8 is now taking pre-orders on Amazon, and will be available on iTunes, Google Play and other formats.

The doc, from L.A. filmmaker Charlie Gage, traces the development of a modern marriage-equality revolution: from the passage of Proposition 8, to the incredible protests that followed, and the hard work of rallying to community in the wake of a painful loss.

“It’s kind of incredible that we signed a distribution deal the same week as the Supreme Court is expected to make a statement about the Prop 8 case,” says Gage. “We wouldn’t be here today without those first grassroots activist that took to the streets in L.A. night after night for weeks and made people pay attention. With four states putting marriage equality up for a vote, we need to share our struggles and learn how to win this fight.”