WATCH: Prop 8 Update, DOMA Going Down, Wedding Bells in Denmark, And More!

Matt Baume from the American Foundation for Equal Rights is back with another addition of Marriage News Watch. This week, he discusses the recent Prop 8 verdict and what it means for the case’s next phase. Plus we’re seeing good numbers from marriage-equality battleground states and Denmark enacts marriage equality just a few days after its parliament voted on the issue. If only things moved so fast in this country!

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  • tookietookie

    This guy needs to eat a sammich.

  • Daez

    I feel that the USSC will just chose to let the ruling stand and not take the case. If they take the case and then agree that Prop8 is unconstitutional, it seems way to close into entering the RvW territory and changing laws regarding marriage on the national level.

  • David

    The commentator is correct about the laws that forbit gay marriage are unconstitutional. The 1st Amendment to the Constitution states that we have “religious freedoms.” We have the right to be religious and to choose which religion we wish to use to worship God. But we also have the right to not be religious if we choose. We also have the freedom/right to choose what scriptures we wish to follow and what ones we do not wish to follow. Most Christians that are against gay marriage and someone being gay in general comes from the bible scripture that states that man shall not lay with man as with woman. They insist that gays must follow this scripture when they themselves do not follow the scriptures. The one I like the most is Exodus 35v2. It is my understand that the sabbath for Christians is Sunday. Read the scripture for yourself, but it says: “Six days shall work be done, but on the seventh day there shall be to you an holy day, a sabbath of rest to the LORD: whosoever doeth work therein shall be put to death.” Has anyone that goes to church on a regular basis ever heard a pastor preach on this scripture? I would guess the answer is “no.” They can’t; pastors work on Sunday. Now I could be wrong about the Sabbath being Sunday, but there has to be one day that Christians cannot work. Also what about those that work 7 days and then off 5 or work 10 days and off 7. I have cousin that works the 7 days on and 5 days off schedule. Just remember that our laws that pertain to an individual should be based on individual freedoms/rights. An an example, your freedom to live where you wish can be taken away from you if your murder someone or at least attempt to murder someone. The Courts can place you in prison. However, if you do not commit the act of murder or attempted murder, you have not taken any freedoms/rights away from another individual and the courts cannot place you in prison. When the State passes a law that outlaws gay marriage, the state is taking away a citizens individual freedoms without that individual taking aways another citizens individual freedoms first. It is like sending someone to prison for murder, when they have not killed, attempted to kill, or in anyway involved in someone’s murder.

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