WATCH: “Protect Your Love” Delivers Safe-Sex Message To South-Asian Community

While the message of safer sex should be global, how that message is transmitted varies from culture to culture. This PSA from Canada’s Alliance for South Asian AIDS Prevention (ASAAP) makes a salient point: If you wouldn’t let you partner fall into traffic or touch a hot stove, why would you let him  be exposed to HIV or other STIs?

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  • darkorient

    Well done. Good production, good message.

  • yaoming

    hot bods

  • Imran Patel

    Love, love, love! I hope more people can share this so we get to see queer faces that aren’t always White!

  • villa viper

    This is EXACTLY what I am talking about!!
    Showing Cultural Pride and NOT reinforcing White Supremacy.

  • Kevin

    Am I the only one who’s sick to death of the “play” euphemism? It’s immature, silly, and disheartening. I’m all for sex being fun, but it’s a bit more than a game of pinochle and it’s time we accepted it as such. Heck, have tons of random sex if you want, I’m not gonna judge, but at least be honest with yourself about it.

  • hudson


  • Dave

    I agree Kevin it’s stupid how many gay men call sex “Play”.

  • Matt

    Yaoming-Who cares?

  • david kobosa

    Gorgeous. Sensitive. Sincere.

  • Vikram

    Somewhere between yaoming’s “hot bods” comment and Kevin’s arbitrary rant about the use of one word, I seriously question if people even got the PSA.

    Great film. Great message! Just in time for Pride.

  • Harry

    The point this video proves is outstanding. All sexually active individuals should watch this video, regardless of sexual orientation.

  • Dwayne

    Love it! Congrats to ASAP for making such a amazing video

  • Jay P

    I love that he’s making chai at the beginning. Totes desi.

  • Kevin

    @Vikram: What’s not to “get” about this PSA? The message seems pretty straightforward: protect yourself and your partner(s) by using comdoms. With the exception of the fact that all the actors are South Asian, I fail to see how this is notably different from other PSAs. Not that that’s a bad thing — repetition is necessary in this kind of medium — but it’s hardly groundbreaking.

  • Kevin

    @Kevin: Ugh, “condoms.” I swear I’m not an idiot :)

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