Drama in D.C.

WATCH: Protesters chase former NC Gov. Pat McCrory into an alley, shouting “Shame on you, antigay bigot!”

It’s regrettable that up to a few dozen protesters decided to stalk and shout insults at the governor and police when we should all be listening to each other and coming together as a country in a respectful manner.”

That’s Ricky Diaz, spokesman for Pat McCrory, in a statement  regarding an incident in Washington, D.C. on Friday, which was recorded and uploaded to Facebook by user Udai Basavaraj.

Walking with Fox Business Network broadcaster Lou Dobbs, a small crowd chased McCrory down an alleyway, who wound up blocked by a locked door. Protestors corner the politician, shouting “shame!” and “antigay bigot!”

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“You’re a bigot an an asshole,” one protestor yells, as well as “You’re not a man — you’re a coward!” and “How can you be like that…? We got you now…”

After our sister site LGBTQ Nation picked up the story over the weekend, the video has been viewed over 85,000 times.

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“Governor McCrory is thankful to Lou Dobbs for helping during this incident,” Diaz said in the same statement, “and very thankful to the D.C. police for keeping everyone safe during a very successful inaugural weekend.”