WATCH: Queer Colombians fight bigots with a rainbow-splashed “kiss-a-thon”

Try as they might, homophobes will never be able to stop queer folks from locking lips — and Lord knows they do try.

Jorge Esteban Farias and Santiago Maldonado were sharing a kiss in a park in Bogotá, Colombia this week when things took a violent turn.

Neighboring citizens aggressively confronted them, yelling that the two were being openly sexual in front of children. One woman was even attempting to hit the couple with a broomstick throughout the confrontation.

The couple recorded the situation until men began shoving and attacking them:

Multiple bystanders also got video of the confrontation.

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The local queer community banded together in response and quickly organized a besatón (literally translated as a “kiss-a-thon”) protest in the same park the two boys were run out of.

Folks brought out flags, signs, and a hell of a lot of gay spirit to show the bigoted neighbors that they weren’t going to be intimidated.

Check out the demonstration in all its make-out majesty:

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This isn’t Bogotá’s first rodeo, either; a previous besatón was held in mid-2019 in response to a homophobic attack and saw just as large an outpouring of love and support as the most recent one.

Hopefully there won’t be need for another of these demonstrations, but as long as there are bigots, there will be folks ready to stand up against them.

Check out this celebratory video of the event from La Disidencia (en español, naturalmente):

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