WATCH: Queer non-binary makeup artist gives lesbian activist makeover for LGBTQ+ History Month

Carolyn Weathers has fought on the front lines of the LGBTQ rights movement since the 1970s, helping to get homosexuality removed from the DSM’s list of mental illnesses, working tirelessly with the Los Angeles Gay Liberation Front, creating one of the earliest lesbian-feminist publishing houses in Southern California, and so much more.

She helped pave the way for queer people to live with the unprecedented freedoms we now enjoy, so when the It Gets Better Project decided to pair an LGBTQ activist with a makeup artist for a video project, Weathers was a perfect choice.

J is a non-binary queer makeup artist who gave Weathers a new look while hearing about her incredible work, and it’s really never a bad time to learn some vital queer history or a few sensible makeup pointers.