WATCH: Queer Rockers Kingship Go Overboard With “Wandering Sailor”

Our New York media BFF Brian Moylan tipped us off to this amazing video for the song “Wandering Sailor” by Kingship—a.k.a. singer-lyricist Chris Hall and keyboards-composer Paul Leschen. Moylan calls it a music-video version of Querelle, and we can’t disagree.

Michael Serrato directs the clip, which sports a cast fairly familiar to gay pop-culture geeks: Gay Pimp Jonny McGovern, Drew Droege (a.k.a. “Chloë Sevigny”), Julie Goldman, Tanya McClure and, as the titular wandering sailor, the very dreamy Jonah Wharton.


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  • Casey

    this is horrible why do gay people have the worst taste in music?!????

  • irish4u

    OH, and hetro’s have perfect taste in music. I’m gay and think it sucks also

  • jose

    @Casey: whoa, we do not, listen to tegan and sara. ive listened to their three latest albums, all have really good songs. really though, listen to them

  • CBRad

    an insult to “Querelle”

  • iDavid

    I hate the fact the sailor dies via suicide at the end of the vid, too stereotype, but current w the times I guess. Love the music and song.

  • Red Assault

    Oh good. I was really hoping that we could start to include gay suicide into our gay rock videos. Makes them “edgy.”

    I also like the guy who hauls out the knife and threatens to kill him and the creepy freaks in the gay bar. Let’s make sure that gay teenagers know that people in the gay community are freaks and the people out of the community will kill them… Best to just kill yourself.

    Nice to know its unanimous.

  • Tessie Tura

    Would have been much better if there had been no music and much more Brandy Howard.

  • 1equalityUSA

    Stinky from start to finish. Especially heinous was the over use of the singer’s zygomaticus major, risorius, and depressor anguli oris.

  • Bertie

    @iDavid: He doesn’t kill himself, he gets blinded by the lighthouse and falls off on accident.

  • JonathanU

    Ugg. I really don’t like the message, or the suicide ending. Just because you go out cruising doesn’t mean you’re going to kill yourself at the end of the night. C’mon!

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