Red Carpet Munchers

WATCH: Queerty Crashes the GLAAD Awards with Kim Cattrall, Naya Rivera, Mario Lopez, Tabatha Coffey, Ben Cohen, Yigit Pura & Dustin Lance Black!

We might have gotten all dressed up for the GLAAD Media Awards in San Francisco, but our renegade spirit was in full force. Kim Cattrall’s blowjob tips? Ben Cohen’s locker room close calls? Dustin Lance Black‘s rumored bed fetish? We asked all the tough questions on the red carpet. The only person that got away was Nelsan Ellis (True Blood‘s Lafayette). What gives, hookah?!

Before receiving the Golden Gate Award for her outspoken support of the LGBT community, Sex and the City‘s Samantha Jones… whoops, we mean Kim Cattrall spoke to us about her new film, Meet Monica Velour, where she plays a washed-up porn star/stripper. If you were wondering, the role is a great departure from her role in 1987’s Mannequin where she played a mannequin.

Next up! Glee‘s Naya Rivera wants to be the next J.Lo.

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  • Ray

    Why Mario? He is an avowed conservative that supports the political party that fights against civil rights for gays. He is hot, yes, but that is besides the point. So disappointed in GLAAD.

  • jason

    I certainly don’t want Kim Cattrall associated with the gay rights cause. She’s done enormous damage to women through her sexed-up portrayals of women in Sex And The City. These depictions play right into the hands of sleazy straight guys.

    Kim, darling, you are not welcome in my community. You are a product of male heterosexual fantasy, and you pander to it. Buzz off, cow.

  • robert in NYC

    Ben Cohen is cute!

  • Dennis

    Whoever did the interviews was terrible, made Queerty look unprofessional

  • ohplease

    Yes, everyone knows that women don’t have sex and that Kim Cattrall is the reason why all women everywhere are so damaged (finally, straight men — now you know!). Also, no gay men have ever enjoyed one second of anything to do with “Sex and the City” for this very reason. Kim Cattrall, I demand you apologize to all women and gay men everywhere!

    Back in the real world, that interview was beyond bad. Forced edginess never works. Kim Cattrall totally ate that guy’s lunch.

  • Barbara

    that interview with Kim Cattrall was painful. and did he say “strong latino women?” boo

  • Kris

    Crap interview, made me cringe for Kim…I’m kinda sorry Queerty is back now!

  • sfdj

    Those interviews were incredibly embarrassing. Did you seriously ask Ben Cohen if he had been sexually assaulted by a gay man in the locker room? Whose side are you on?

  • robert in NYC

    No. 8, I so agree with you. Queerty should be ashamed of itself. That first one interviewing Kim Catrall, such a campy individual, a stereotype that our opponents use to denigrate and dehumanize us. The second guy was equally bad. No wonder we don’t get equality with idiots like that talking to straight people. Both were extremely bad examples, definitely not ambassadors of our people.

  • JAW

    I agree with the other comments. The interviewer was really bad. The interview with Ben Cohen was an embarrassment… Ben is a straight man that is trying to enlighten others, and what does queerty do… Queerty turns him into a sex object. I bet that ben felt uncomfortable with the questions. Many straight people fear us, because they see us as predator… The jerk doing the interview just reinforced that fear. I believe that the interview should have been all about Ben’s Anti-Bulling Initiative…
    Ben seemed a bit uncomfortable, he did a great job of staying on message and ignoring the stupid questions

  • robert in NYC

    No. 10 JAW, exactly. Ben displayed a lot of class, the two Queerty interviewers sheer crassness and stupidity. We’ll never get more straight support as long as buffoons such as these are allowed anywhere near straight celebrities. This was a Queerty fuckup for sure. Nothing to be proud of.

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