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  • Wilberforce

    I’m sorry. It was a great night! And it’s been a great week.
    I’ve been dazed by all the wins. But one think is beginning to stand out.
    Even being outspent eight kajillion to one, we won, and the Repubs only held on to the House because they had gerrymandered it to shreds.
    Obama’s first win really didn’t count. After Bush’s incompetence, Americans would have voted for cold pizza. But this time, Obama has only done an ok job on the economy, not a great job. And they voted for him anyway.
    Thirty years of Republican lies and scapegoating are coming to an end. It’s not working for them anymore. And that is huge!

  • 1EqualityUSA

    Rachel Maddow is so far ahead of the pack. Brilliant. Thank you for TRMS. I don’t have cable, so I catch it on the computer and have enjoyed this year’s shows immensely. Drift was funny, insightful, and cohesive. Thanks for this too.
    The Republican party has really turned quite sour haven’t they? It would be so embarrassing to be lumped in a group like this. Mitch McConnell, John Boehner, NOMsters, Romney, Palin, Bachmann, McCain, Limbaugh, Trump, and all the other dregs sticking to the hull of their ship, are really toxic. I wonder if people will bail on the GOP, due to the bad eggs tainting the already fetid waters.

    All that Super PAC cash, cheating, voter suppression, attempts to use the law to intimidate, secret billboards, the lies, was all so unsavory. This is causing irreparable damage to the GOP brand, their reputation. I hope this party suffers from their poor leadership for years and years. They don’t deserve power. I thought Mormons didn’t gamble. Strap-the-dog-to-the-roof-of-the-car-Romney sure welcomed the casino owner’s cash. How can Pin-the-gay-kid-down-with-the-help-of-cruel-friends-and chop his-hair-off-Mittens sleep at night, knowing how cravenly he sought power. His ego was not a good fit for this Nation. We are better than that. A contemptible man and an unpleasant party. They deserve each other.

    We were up at the cabin where cable allowed us to bounce around between CNN and Faux News. Faux News was so conspicuous in it’s propagandizing. My spouse couldn’t watch it, but, as a bug in a jar, I couldn’t avert my eyes as quickly as she. “The Five” was so unappealing! The Ex-alcoholic, the Ex-Newsome lady with the liver lips, the beady-eyed, smarmy, bully with the twisted face and round, black glasses that wore him, the insipid blonde with an ineffectually whiney PMSy edge, and thankfully I can’t remember the fifth. They all deserve each other. Good riddance. The party of “No” were sent a huge message from the party of “know.” Blame the storm if you need to.

    Barack Obama is a National treasure and I’m proud to say that I’m a Democrat.

  • GreenmanTN

    Two of my favorite media personalities together?

    Be still, my heart!

    There’s a whole of brain seated at that table, two of the smartest people on TV. And both are apparently really nice people, so that’s a plus.

  • GreenmanTN

    Derp. Whole LOT of brain seated at that table, I meant.

  • the other Greg

    Like a lot of gay people, I enjoy making barometric pressure decrease. Sometimes it makes my straight co-workers’ ears pop. That’s fun. (Rachel should try this on Chris Matthews sometime.)

    I remember Stephen apologized at the end of this show for not discussing Rachel’s book “Drift: the Unmooring of American Military Power,” which I’ll make a point to buy at my local independent, LGBT-oriented bookstore instead of online!

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