WATCH: “Raising Hope” Goes To A Gay Bar For Halloween

On Tuesday’s Halloween-themed episode of Raising Hope, Burt (Garret Dillahunt) and Jimmy (Lucas Neff) head to the local gay bar to find out how the other 10% lives.

As Slate’s June Thomas writes, the episode was notable for, well, not being that notable.

Indeed, Burt’s total lack of heterosexual panic starts to worry his wife, Virginia (Martha Plimpton). It’s not that she’s concerned that going to the bar will turn him gay. She’s just disappointed that they’re going to spend Halloween—which is, after all, “gay Christmas”— apart.

Eventually, though, she dons a Charlie Chaplin costume and sneaks into the bar—after a long wait because “this place gets crowded when you’re allowed to wear a mask”—so she can slow-dance with her man. This, inevitably, causes a little confusion when Jimmy and Sabrina see Burt making out with the little tramp. It’s the TV gay-bar trifecta—mistaken identity, they’re as boring as we are, and the accidental reveal—all pulled off without a shred of homophobia.


Raising Hope airs Tuesday nights at 8pm on Fox.