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WATCH: Randy Rainbow just came out as a “Cuomosexual”

Undeterred by the doom and gloom surrounding the coronavirus epidemic, comedian Randy Rainbow has just released his latest music video.

“Andy! A Randy Rainbow Song Parody,” sends up the tune “Sandy” from the musical Grease. Rainbow uses the song to express his love and admiration for New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo for his handling of the COVID-19 crisis.

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“Andy, can’t ya see I’m in quarantine / A nervous wreck, and scurred as heck of COVID-19. You bring hope when I can’t cope. I guess I’m saying ay-ay-ay-oh-I love you so, oh, Andy,” Rainbow croons.

Rainbow also gives a shout out to Andrew Cuomo’s brother, CNN anchor Chris Cuomo, who has been diagnosed with the coronavirus. He also needles Donald Trump for his non-response to the crisis, having first denied the existence of the virus and later promoted untested treatments.

Within hours of the new video’s release, the clip snagged more than 100,000 views and inspired the hashtag #cuomosexual.

“Andy my darling, this global pandemic is scaring me real bad,” Rainbow raps. “But watching your daily press briefing sure does calm me down. The way you manage to lead and inform without terrifying the living sh*t out of me or straying from the facts…You’re wise, level headed, eloquent and sexy at a time when the country needs it most.”

We tend to agree.