Not Getting Elected

WATCH: Randy Rainbow skewers Kayleigh McEnany’s denial over Trump’s loss

Finally wading back into the fray following the drawn-out results of Election 2020, comedian Randy Rainbow has dropped his newest video, a lampooning of White House Press Secretary Kayleigh McEnany, and her refusal (as well as her boss’) to admit that Donald Trump lost the election.

Rainbow uses a Sondheim melody from the musical Company for his basis. Thus, does the song “Getting Married Today” become “Not Re-Elected Today.” The accompanying video sees Rainbow channeling his inner choir boy, and donning a stringy wig to impersonate McEnany.

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The real Kayleigh McEnany has repeatedly spewed false allegations of voter fraud in various states as well as denied the results of the election, which the Associated Press and American news outlets called for Joe Biden more than one week ago. Amid her denials, McEnany has also been recovering from COVID-19 which she contracted on the job. A growing list of White House personnel, including Donald Trump himself, have contracted the virus over the past month, likely because of the no-mask policy pushed by Trump.

Frankly, we think Rainbow is being a bit too kind to McEnany in the new video. Have a look and decide for yourself.