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WATCH: Rebecca Cutter on creating a Provincetown mystery in ‘Hightown’

Creator Rebecca Cutter

Rebecca Cutter wants to take you to Hightown.

The veteran writer of shows like Gotham and The Mentalist makes her big bid for as a TV creator with the new LGBTQ-themed murder mystery set against the scenic background of Provincetown. Hightown stars Monica Raymund (of Chicago Fire fame) as Jackie Quinones, a wild Fishery Service Agent at the center of a mystery. When the body of a young woman is found in the waters off Provincetown, Jackie begins an investigation into heroin trafficking. She manages to complicate her own efforts with a raging taste for alcohol, drugs, and hot young women on the island.

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Queerty’s David Reddish caught up with Cutter to talk about the inception of the show, her reasons for making the lead a lesbian, and the personal struggles that inspired the character. Hightown comes to Starz May 17.