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WATCH: A relationship is tested in this intimate and all-too-rare story of Black men in love

Image Credit: ‘Nana’s Boys,’ Breaking Glass Pictures

Look, we all go through it a bit when we turn 30! It’s a turning point where you can no longer hide from being an adult, and you really start to take stock of where you’ve been and where you’re headed.

All those hopes and anxieties that the new decade brings are explored in filmmaker Ashton Pina’s thoughtful new drama, Nana’s Boys, which played the LGBTQ+ film festival circuit in 2022 and is now set for a digital release next month.

The film opens on the morning of Amari’s (P-Valley‘s David J. Cork) 30th birthday. Where Amari is listless and a bit lost, his long-time partner Q (Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt‘s Jared Wayne Gladly) is driven and successful, on track to become a partner at his law firm.

Plans for Amari’s birthday celebrations are abruptly halted when an unidentified explosion in New York City cuts off the power, forcing the couple—and the rest of the city—into mandatory lockdown. But there’s a slow-motion explosion happening in their very apartment, as the day’s catastrophic events force Amari and Q to confront the truths of their relationship head on.

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Anchored by Cork and Gladly’s powerful performances, Nana’s Boys is an intimate character study with an all-too-rare focus on queer Black men. In a press statement, writer-director Pina shares he made the film with the purpose of shining a lens on this “rare pairing in media.”

“The journey of Amari and Q deserves to reach as wide of an audience as possible,” says Pina, “and I’m confident we’ll shatter expectations.”

With that in mind, it’s no coincidence that indie distributor Breaking Glass Pictures is releasing Nana’s Boys in February, Black History Month. Through its sensitive and frank depiction of a relationship hanging in the balance, the feature delivers a nuanced portrait of Black gay masculinity.

Nana’s Boys hits digital/Video On Demand platforms on February 7, and will be available to own on DVD beginning February 23. You can watch a brand-new trailer for the film below, featuring a pull-quote from this very site: