WATCH: Remember When Barack Obama Made Promises to Us?

As America’s second-largest city celebrates gay pride, it’s worth revisiting all the promises made to the folks marching today by a certain White House resident. And by “promises” we mean all of President Obama’s broken ones.

You know all those 1,200 rights and privileges enjoyed by heterosexual married couples? Obama once promised to give gay people those same rights. It’s something he promised he would “change” as president. Then he opted not only to do nothing about the Defense of Marriage Act, but to actively endorse it.

Once upon a time, Obama said: “You don’t poll whether people get treated equally or not. That is something that you do because it’s right. When it comes to my attitudes about whether this is a priority or not, I will put it at the top of the list, along with many other issues, because I think it’s the right thing to do.”

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  • Dabq

    He made ‘promises’ to millions of people who are not gay and has not lived up to them, so, he is like any other politician, say anything to get elected.

    Maybe this site needs to get on him and all the so called gay friendly politicians who have got gay votes and money for years and are also doing nothing as well, this one trick Obama bashing five times a day is getting nothing done, he hasn’t and isn’t going to do anything, no matter how shrill the headlines are.

  • Alexandre

    I am so glad there is a site like Queerty that isn’t afraid to take a liberal and radical view, and isn’t afraid to critique politicians, even incredibly popular ones.

  • Sceth

    “I will put it at the top of the list, along with many other issues, because I think it’s the right thing to do.”
    … no comment.

  • Michael


  • InExile

    @Alexandre: I agree with you, Queerty is not afraid to call it like it is. If you check out some of the other gay blogs like 365gay, advocate, and so on, you will read the sanitized version of the DOMA story which makes it sound like it is not so bad. Well, it is bad and it should be told like it is. Thank you Queerty!!!

  • Wayne

    Top Priority? I guess that’s the only thing to “change” since he has become president. And the video just has SOME of his many promises. Obama thought it would be safer to write some of his promises instead of saying them all on video.

  • sweetdog

    This man has spent more time globe-trotting than he has in the WH. I saw the writing on the wall during the primaries, and as soon as he stabbed Hillary Clinton in the back by just running, I knew we would be pushed under the bus. We had a better chance of getting equal rights with Hillary. That I believe is true. This ass is a camera-hungry, pompous, sigmatism-aniac who can’t read the front of a postage stamp without a teleprompter.

  • Indie

    Listen–there were millions of us who saw through the fraud and predicted that he would throw you under the bus. When we tried to warn you, you didn’t want to hear it, did you?

    Were you really that naive? I don’t know. Something tells me that it was easier for you to believe what you wanted to believe and that was that obama was someone who wasn’t just making campaign promises, even when you should have known better.

    Yet, you could have listened to those of us who saw through him from day one.

    That’s probably why I don’t have any sympathy for those of you who are under the bus right now, because I know most of you had friends like me who tried to warn you, but you were happier listening to a perfect stranger who was also a politician, than you were listening to the friends you had known for years who were hearing the BIG FAT LIAR radar go off every time obama opened his mouth.

    I don’t feel sorry for you. Get over it.

  • Pete

    The moment he welcomed homophobic bigots onto his campaign was the last straw for me (And that was before he chose Rev. Warren for his damn inauguration!). Nothing good can come over how he “won” last year (e.g., rigged caucuses in red states, RBC decision resulting in delegate theft and nixing MI & FL, exploiting hate) and now we’re getting kicked in the damn teeth.

    Clinton may not have been pro-marriage equality on the campaign but, at least, she felt comfortable with us gays and pushing for equality. She discussed how to push for marriage equality at the state level in her talk with that Philly gay magazines, y’know, the one Barack bailed on. Now look at her at the State Department pushing for gay rights. Some here dismissed it by saying, “Well that’s really Obama, not Clinton” b/c he’s the boss, but obviously after the DOMA briefing, you can tell who’s pushing for rights and who’s not. He obviously allowed her to do this, but it’s clear she was the driving force.

    I hated what her husband did to us during his administration (even though the political circumstances were grim), but I can’t stand how people insist Bill and Hillary are one and the same.

    Whatever. Now, we’re stuck with Obama. I don’t know what to do anymore! We don’t have much leverage (Thanks, HRC!) and even our so-called “allies” are hiding behind legalese on this DOMA briefing. The rest are just…silent.

  • Pete

    @Pete: On the first sentence, I’m talking about his campaign last year. McClurkin and that other pastor who “cures” gays were courted by his campaign to turn out supporters. Sick shit.

  • allstarecho

    The man’s been in office what, 125 days? Oh yeah, that’s plenty of time to move the Earth to the other end of the universe…

  • Michael W.

    “…and as soon as he stabbed Hillary Clinton in the back by just running, I knew we would be pushed under the bus.”

    How did he stab Hillary in the back by running? Did he make a promise to her that he wouldn’t challenge her inevitable nomination?

    Or did that boy just forget his place?

  • bigjake75

    What a piece of crap. Isn’t it funny how these guys can live with themselves. wow

  • JD

    @Michael W.:

    No promise to Sen. Clinton…BUT he did promise Illinois voters that if they elected him their US Senator he would serve out his full six-year term before running for President.

    That he so quickly broke THAT promise should have been our FIRST clue.

  • Jim

    @allstarecho: He has time to defend DOMA and play around with NBA stars.

    He has time – just not the backbone.

    Not suprised though

  • om sri

    liar liar, your pants are aflame.

  • schlukitz

    Pssst…It’s “Liar. Liar. Pants on fire”. LOL

    It’s a rhyme.

  • dlpca

    My question is not whether the Gay community has been let down by Obama. But rather, have we given the new President time to approach this matter? If he, when he decides to work on this issue (he has been in office for less than a year) I would hope he would approach it with genuine intent to get it done successfully. Sometimes things that happen in haste are not lasting or binding.

    I ask for patience to be on the side of the new President. We need a health plan because people are suffering. We need economic reform because corporations are consuming the financial fabric of the nation. We need international cooperation because president Bush made a mockery of US standing in the world, etc. There is so much patch and fix work this current president has to do because of the last 8 years of damage from the Bush administration. He needs time and room to maneuver his ideas and tactics.

    Time will prove the honesty of Obama. We are not yet there to make a sound decision on his intent on all campaign promises.

  • M Shane

    It’s not atypical of ignorant selfish queens to expect their own issues to be given priority over world affairs, restoring respect and legality to the counmtry , straightening out the depression, etc.

    I don’t know that Obama or anyone made any pronmises about marriage, Clinton as well. He has a lot to do and you queens who think that polishing your crowns should come first, forget it.

    You might even remember that marriage is only a right wing assimilationist agenda, not the voice or need of gay people as a whole. We do get sick of listening to this rant, and of you tearing up this president who just saved us from going down the road of Nazism. Stop screaching for a minute and think.

  • schlukitz


    Apparently you have not kept yourself abreast with the vilifying comments Obama and the DOJ just made about same-sex marriages that inject words like incest and pedophilia into the description of them?

    Or, how the denying of our civil-rights saves scare financial resources for the government, despite the fact that we of the LGBT community pay taxes to support the benefits that the str8 community receives in it’s marriages?

    Can you be patient with that?

  • schlukitz

    @M Shane:

    We hear from another, in a long string of Obamatron apologists that somehow manage to find their way to this site.

    “You might even remember that marriage is only a right wing assimilationist agenda, not the voice or need of gay people as a whole.”

    Tell that to the some 40,000 bi-national couples/families who Mr. Obama’s second-class citizen recommendations are tearing up.
    Tell that to the hundreds of thousands, perhaps millions, of LGBT people who would like to get married. You speak for them too, do you?

    Nacism? Red herring.

    So gay people like you are sick of listening to this rant?

    Then tune into another station that panders to your apparent lack of self-respect and dignity as a human being as well as a gay person.

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