WATCH: Openly Gay Man And His Wife Discuss Their Totally Existent Sex Lives With Ricki Lake

Thought it’s been ages since the original Ricki Lake Show graced daytime TV with its presence, Ricki is back and hasn’t missed a step.

On today’s episode, “When Gay People Lead Straight Lives,” Ricky interviewed a daughter who is still angry with her father for coming out of the closet when she was in college; a woman with two children who left her heterosexual marriage for a lesbian lifestyle; and, above, an openly-gay Mormon husband and his wife, the mother of their three children.

There to offer his advice is  Ricki’s friend, Rick Clemons, the so-called “Coming Out Coach.” Clemons is a certified professional coach and an alleged “magnetizing speaker,” but for all his training and expertise, nothing tspeaks more truth than a member of the audience’s reaction at 1:13:

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  • redcarpet

    Oh Ricki is back?! Oh hell YES! I can finally bring back my after-school trashy daytime talkshow routine. Long live the 90’s!

  • charlie_jackpot

    I would not be surprised if he is getting some downlow action behind her back

  • NormdePlume

    Riiiiiiiight. She wears a strap-on. Got it.

  • Dr. Dick

    The look on honey’s face is too effin funny! Throwin some SERIOUS SHADE lol

  • startenout

    The wife looks so very sad when he’s talking.

  • femonanon

    “MAN” and wife?
    guess he didn’t get married
    wonder what he was before he was pronounced a “man” at the wedding?

  • MK Ultra

    Their schaden is our freude.
    keep trying to convince the world you’re straight.
    We could all use a good laugh

  • Katbox

    She looks like Reese Rideout’s wife.

    Hate that guy. Comes off like such an asshole.

  • Times2

    Ya might wanna rewrite that headline. I don’t think Ricki is part of their “totally existent sex life.”

  • pierre

    These 2 delusional people sure do deserve each other!

  • tardis

    Well, whatever works, who’s to say otherwise. Clearly, he’s making a commitment to God, and he’s not denying who he is. Is it a little odd? Yes, a little, but if it works for them, have at it. I wish them all the luck.

  • mad4maddy

    Right at the moment the bishop pronounced them man and wife he gasped: Man! Where? Is he cute?

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