WATCH: Openly Gay Man And His Wife Discuss Their Totally Existent Sex Lives With Ricki Lake

Thought it’s been ages since the original Ricki Lake Show graced daytime TV with its presence, Ricki is back and hasn’t missed a step.

On today’s episode, “When Gay People Lead Straight Lives,” Ricky interviewed a daughter who is still angry with her father for coming out of the closet when she was in college; a woman with two children who left her heterosexual marriage for a lesbian lifestyle; and, above, an openly-gay Mormon husband and his wife, the mother of their three children.

There to offer his advice is  Ricki’s friend, Rick Clemons, the so-called “Coming Out Coach.” Clemons is a certified professional coach and an alleged “magnetizing speaker,” but for all his training and expertise, nothing tspeaks more truth than a member of the audience’s reaction at 1:13: