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WATCH: Right-wing troll demands store employees remove their Pride flag

Rightwing activist Ethan Schmidt-Crockett questions a Pride flag at PetSmart
Rightwing activist Ethan Schmidt-Crockett (center) questions a Pride flag at PetSmart

Well done to employees at a PetSmart store for not cowering to a YouTuber who demanded they remove a Pride flag they had displayed in their store.

So-called “authoritarian Christian nationalist,” Ethan Schmidt-Crockett, who is based in Arizona, has made a name for himself with his hate-filled, far-right ramblings on social media. This has included a previous threat to “hunt” down LGBTQ people.

A new video shows him in PetSmart, attempting to persuade employees to remove a Pride flag.

The video begins with Schmidt-Crockett asking an employee what the rainbow flag near her checkout means.

“I’m just curious, what is that flag right there?” he asks.

The employee responds: “I think it’s a pride flag.”

He then asks her to take it down, “Because it offends me greatly.”

She immediately calls for her manager to come over while Schmidt-Crockett says, “That stuff is satanic. We can’t have that, especially at PetSmart.”

When the manager turns up, Schmidt-Crockett repeats the same comments, saying he’s offended and wants the flag removed. The manager refuses, saying PetSmart supports “belonging, which includes LGBTQ.”

“You support pedophilia and child sexualization,” replies Schmidt-Crockett, “because that’s what that stands for now.” He continues to ask for it to be taken down but the manager shakes his head and says, “We aren’t going to.”

Schmidt-Crockett continues, calling the Pride flag, “The rainbow of Satan. The real rainbow is from God.” At that point, the employees ask him to leave the store.

Another member of staff is called, and he has little patience for Schmidt-Crockett’s nonsense.

“’All right, you gotta go bud. Come on. We don’t need it here. We’re gonna have the pride flag up. We have it all over our store,” he says, ushering Schmidt-Crockett toward the door.

Schmidt-Crockett mistakenly says, “Shame on PetCo,” as a parting shot before the latest employee corrects him: “This is PetSmart.”

“Hunting” LGBTQ people over Pride Month

In May, Schmidt-Crockett posted a video blasted Target for having Pride-related displays of goods. He also threatened to “hunt” LGBTQ supporters around Phoenix, Arizona, during Pride Month.

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“I also like to hunt LGBT supporters on my free time. That’s one of my favorite pastimes…. We’re going to be going on hunting expeditions pretty soon, y’know, hunting LGBT supporters across Phoenix and Arizona…. If you support the LGBT agenda, you’re not safe,” he said.

His latest exploits left many unimpressed.

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