WATCH: Robbie Rogers Is Looking Out For Man’s Best Friend

It’s a dog’s world as far as Robbie Rogers is concerned. The out L.A. Galaxy midfielder is now a spokesperson for animal rights org PETA and in a new video (above) reminds pet owners how scary 4th of July fireworks can be to many animals.

“Fireworks displays cause many dogs and cats to flee in terror from the unpredictable and deafening blasts—jumping over fences and even breaking through windows, only to be injured, struck by a vehicle, or lost and never found,” Rogers says.

In an exclusive interview with PETA (below), Rogers also discusses adopting is dog, Jeffrey. “They need a lot of care and love, and you have to train them,” he says. “Jeffrey’s taught me a lot as well as I think I hopefully have taught him. … He’s such a great little character, and I love him so much.”

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