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Watch as Roger Stone shows up at Jan. 6 Committee looking ‘guilty AF’

Infamous GOP provocateur Roger Stone appeared before the House Select Committee to Investigate the January 6th Attack on the U.S. on Friday morning, but he was expected to plead the Fifth Amendment to every question.

When issuing a subpoena to the political trickster back November, the committee said Stone “was reportedly in Washington on January 5th and 6th, spoke at rallies on January 5th, and was slated to speak at the January 6th rally at the Ellipse that directly preceded the violent attack on the Capitol. Before traveling to Washington, Mr. Stone promoted his attendance at the rallies and solicited support to pay for security through the website While in Washington, Mr. Stone reportedly used members of the Oath Keepers as personal security guards, at least one of whom has been indicted for his involvement in the attack on the Capitol. Mr. Stone has made remarks that he was planning to ‘lead a march to the Capitol’ from the Ellipse rally.”

We’re pretty sure that earns him a winning card in ‘Sketchy Jan. 6 Bingo.’

Stone has said he would refuse to answer questions under the Fifth Amendment right against self-incrimination.

As he arrived at the hearing, he told reporters he was “doing his civic duty” and that he “may have some comments afterwards.”

But as he departed, the only comment he gave was to correct someone for mislabeling his often-worn Homburg hat a “top hat.” After giving a double peace sign á la Richard Nixon, he was off.

We wish we could forget he also has a Richard Nixon tattoo on his back, but the image just can’t be unseen:

In the very words of his ally, former President Donald Trump, Stone sure does seem like he has something to hide.

And for once, everyone seems to agree with Trump: