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Watch Ron DeSantis’ brain malfunction as he rails against “woke math”

We’re starting to think Ron DeSantis’ brain-worms are starving in there.

In another ridiculous tirade, the Florida governor took the stage to rail against school teaching what he refers to as “woke math,” which seems to just be anything past two plus two.

The governor’s uncertainty of two and two equaling four is almost as worrying as the idea that math is some leftist radicalization tactic if it dares to venture into any kind of real world application.

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This is just another entry in the long list of DeSantis’ tactics to make conditions for public schools and underpaid, overworked teachers deteriorate.

From instating the state’s wildly queerphobic “Don’t Say Gay bill” to snapping at students to not wear masks, it seems he’ll take any opportunity to make teachers and schoolchildren’s lives worse.

It seems like the only example the governor has ever produced for his wild take on “woke math” is a set of problems based around Maya Angelou’s I Know Why the Caged Bird Sings tweeted out by his press secretary.

In reality, the worksheet didn’t come from any textbook, and wasn’t approved by the school district at all. Not only that, the assignment wasn’t even assigned anywhere in Florida — the press secretary herself cites the worksheet from a committee worker in Missouri.

Still, DeSantis is running with this fake narrative here months later to raucous applause from a base who seems to understand math just as well as he does.

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