The Kids are Alright

WATCH: ‘Room to Grow’ explores the triumph of young people coming out earlier than ever

Growing up, a lot of us knew we were queer even before we had a name for our feelings. We knew when our deepest desires didn’t quite fit in with most of the other kids. It took years to come to terms with what it all meant for our future.

But Gen Z has it very different. Even as barely adolescent teens, an increasing number grow up in the midst of an earth-shattering conversation, on social media and even in the classroom and dining room table, about our ever-expanding understanding of and even appreciation for sexual orientation and gender identity.

This is what directors Matt Alber and Jon Garcia attempt to capture in Room to Grow, a new Revry Original docuseries debuting today in honor of National Coming Out Day.

Room to Grow  represents a watershed moment, a glimpse into a future where family and society accept queerness as matter-of-fact (along with plenty of struggle). If these kids benefit from the sacrifices of the past, they also represent a bright hope for the future, where all boundaries are obliterated once and for all.

In other words: it gets better.

View the full first episode of Room to Grow right here:

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