Watch a roomful of people laugh in the face of a “Straight Pride” organizer

Nearly everyone in the room at a Modesto City Council meeting this week erupted into gales of laughter when Don Grundmann, the co-organizer of a “Straight Pride” event planned in Modesto, California later this month, made a Freudian slip during his remarks to the chamber.

“We’re a totally peaceful racist group,” proclaimed Grundmann in his defense of his hate group. The comment inspired loud fits of laughter from the peanut gallery and even one of the councilwoman who could hardly contain herself.

SFGate reports:

Although he quickly tried to recant the “racist” portion of his sentence, the chambers were already laughing and cheering so loudly he couldn’t be heard. One of the Modesto city councilmembers can be seen laughing so hard, she fully turns away from her microphone.

Grundmann has a long history of promoting hate, founding several antigay groups, including the National Straight Pride Coalition and Citizens Against Perversion.


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