WATCH: Rosie Tells Misogynist, Lesbian-Hating Preacher She’s Going Home To Diddle Her Woman

Apparently some piece-of-crap megaphone-wielding street preacher accosted Rosie O’Donnell outside the Super Bowl stadium, calling her a “lesbian pig” who should “go home and do the dishes.” (All this in front of her kids, it appears.)

Anybody care for a hot steaming plate of homophobia? Comes with a free side of Bible-approved misogyny!

Rosie responded in kind: “I’m gonna go home and f*ck my wife.”

“James the Preacher” has a facetious “apology” up on YouTube (below). “I apologize for not being more aggressive in my words toward you,” he says, adding that he did not know he was messing with a famous lady. “Your lifestyle is an abomination before God… you are everything that God does not want you to be… God doesn’t love everybody, God hates the wicked, and you are wicked.”

Yeah Rosie’s wicked alright. Wicked AWESOME.

Source: Manhunt Daily