WATCH: Rosie Tells Misogynist, Lesbian-Hating Preacher She’s Going Home To Diddle Her Woman

Apparently some piece-of-crap megaphone-wielding street preacher accosted Rosie O’Donnell outside the Super Bowl stadium, calling her a “lesbian pig” who should “go home and do the dishes.” (All this in front of her kids, it appears.)

Anybody care for a hot steaming plate of homophobia? Comes with a free side of Bible-approved misogyny!

Rosie responded in kind: “I’m gonna go home and f*ck my wife.”

“James the Preacher” has a facetious “apology” up on YouTube (below). “I apologize for not being more aggressive in my words toward you,” he says, adding that he did not know he was messing with a famous lady. “Your lifestyle is an abomination before God… you are everything that God does not want you to be… God doesn’t love everybody, God hates the wicked, and you are wicked.”

Yeah Rosie’s wicked alright. Wicked AWESOME.

Source: Manhunt Daily

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  • hunnylvr

    Guys like this are attention seeking scumbags. They have no concept of what love is which is ironic since love is the most oft taught thing in the bible. It really infuriates me more that he chose to talk to Rosie like that in front of her kid. Years ago, my then-partner and I brought our 10 year old son with us to the Millenium March on Washington. We also attended the Equality Rocks concert the night before. As we walked into the stadium for the concert, there were a bunch of these douche bags protesting and yelling hateful shit. My son was SO UPSET by this. He never forgot it – and in fact, he has brought it up in some of his school papers and speeches since then. So, he was able to use that experience for good eventually. However, at the time, I wanted to kill those people for getting him so upset. They talk all this trash about “saving the kids” – and they are the worst offenders. Fuckers.

  • dodgy

    Well…if that’s the way that God treats his gay people, he doesn’t deserve to have any!

  • Jude

    Christ’s example of preaching and reaching individual was meeting them were they are in their walk and understanding. Apparently, this “yeller” only understands how to push people away. How is this creating a place where people can judge themselves? How “christian” James the Preacher is.

  • Hyhybt

    He didn’t know who she was… but could tell just by looking at her not only that she was a lesbian, but also that she’d let the dishes pile up at home?

  • foulmouthgandhi

    And you with the megaphone espousing hatred are what exactly, the standard by which we all should live? I do not think so. It begs the question… DO they really hear and see themselves and what filter allows this type of behavior?

    Dim and low aint going away. I suppose we must be louder, more reasonable (which aint so hard) and powerful. I see us headed in that direction. =)

  • B

    Curiously, a century or two ago, someone that rude to a woman would, at least in the popular imagination, get his comeuppance as someone intervened. has an example (Start 5:11 into the video.) Other excerpts from this movie were used in The Artist in the scene where the now unmarketable actor was viewing his earlier films.

    Alas, I can’t imagine Rosie ever being as demure as the woman in this video clip, which just goes to show how times have changed!

  • Drew

    Rosie is and always has been vile and an attention/fame/media whore. I don’t care if she’s a lesbian, NOBODY wants to think of her having sex with any woman and we don’t want to picture her naked either. The fact that Rosie spent decades in the closet and actually defended that $cientologist Tammy Cruise and claimed how she found Cruise “hot” even though she knew all along that she’s lesbian is hypocritical.

  • MikeSF

    Hyhbt, everyone who looks at Rosie knows she’s lesbian. She screams butch lesbian or professional lesbian and she did this even when she was totally closeted for decades.

  • Hyhybt

    @Drew: You don’t have to be interested in people of a certain sex in order to know whether they’re hot.

    @MikeSF: …and yet, I know totally straight women with the same characteristics. Anyway, it was the dishes thing that got me. (And yes, I know she probably hires the housework done. It’s just the idea of looking at some stranger on the street and thinking “hey, they have dirty dishes at home”… or else has somehow got the impression that not doing the dishes is a general characteristic of lesbians.)

  • shle896

    Meanwhile, this “preacher” looks like a daddy bear if ever I did see one.

  • B

    At least I learned something from the preacher – a good explanation for why the Romans threw the Christians to the lions!

    After a google search, I found that the guy’s real name is James Lyman. Here’s one of him harassing another woman: (in 2008 and he’s shocked, SHOCKED that a woman was running for president). touts itself as the web site for street preachers. Whether it’s a spoof is not clear – these guys are so crazy that they are their own spoofs.

  • Chad

    Christian love at it’s finest.

  • Kevin

    @Drew: I believe she the word she used was “cutie-patootie,” thank you.

  • J

    EEeeeewww! Now Rosie made herself look like a lesbian sex monster!!!

  • Shannon1981

    Surprise surprise. Another loving christian doing the lord’s work.

  • BlackRockRitual

    Can I call Poe?

    My Poe’s Law set radar is off the scale right now.

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