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WATCH: RPDR stars make surprise cameo in ‘Drag Race Thailand’ music video

Genie and Detox appear in a music video for

Who doesn’t love a crossover?!

With shows and tours across the globe, the queens of RuPaul’s Drag Race seem hell-bent on world domination. They’ve even found their way onto their sister show Drag Race Thailand, now airing its second season.

Drag Race Thailand’s official Instagram account posted a series of 14 music videos to launch its theme song, each made by a queen competing on season 2. Genie’s vid featured some very recognizable Ru girls in blink-and-you-might-miss-them cameos — Detox, Kim Chi, Asia O’Hara, Naomi Smalls, Eueka O’Hara, Violet Chachki and Kameron Michaels. Hello dream team!

Watch below:

Genie, the first American queen cast on Drag Race Thailand, had this to say to Queerty about her ’90s style, star-studded video:

“The super queens were in town for Werq the World, so I was like, hey, why not do a crossover? Thankfully they were down to help this international sister out. Detox knew the lyrics better than I did!”

With Drag Race UK set to launch later this year, we’re keeping our bejewelled claw nails crossed for even more global collabs.

Check out a few more of the season 2 contestants of Drag Race Thailand below: