WATCH: “Rudy,” The Rugby Jock Who Werks It As A Drag Performer

It’s almost as if two ends from the gay stereotype spectrum married and ended the labels: “Rudy” Flesher, as I’m From Driftwood (a non-profit archive of LGBTQ queer stories) reveals, is a “beer-drinking, beard-sporting marathon runner” who plays college rugby. He’s a “tough-as-nails” rugby jock who moonlights as a “glamazon” drag performer.

Rudy’s toughness is explained by a situation in which he broke his nose in one of his first games but continued to play. It even led to his nickname “Rudy” (as you’ll see in the video above), but he discovered a passion even tougher — dressing in drag.

Eventually his two worlds overlapped when photos were posted on Facebook of Flesher in leather boots, a leather jock strap and a corset. Surprisingly the response was positive.

“Literally the first three people to say positive things about my first drag performance are my rugby teammates, who are my friends on Facebook.”