Chew On This

WATCH: Rufus Wainwright Croons Crazy Chewing Gum Medley

Rufus Wainwright–he who tackled a recreation of Garland’s famed Carnegie Hall concert–now dives right into the stickiest of topics: chewing gum.

Finally, the great composers and lyricists of yesteryear’s gum jingles get the elusive glory they’ve long deserved. In an inspired medley from Funny or Die, Wainwright jazzes up the classic song stylings of Juicy Fruit, Wrigley’s Spearmint and Double Mint. Who knew the lyrics to Big Red were filled with the yearning ache of parting lovers? It’s all a big gag, of course, but the arrangements are delightful and Wainwrights sings with joyous commitment. As for the tunes themselves, they’re catchy as all heck. Never underestimate the genius of a jingle writer.

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