WATCH: RuPaul Lives Large In “Glamazon” Video

The video for RuPaul’s “Glamazon” is on the Interwebs now, and the clip—directed by Mathu Andersen—kind of reminds us of an episode of Drag Race: Silly, smart and low-budget. Phi Phi, Sharon, Jiggly Caliente and the rest of Ru’s girls kick, jump and explode in front of a green-screen version of Tokyo as the Supermodel of the World gives us diva looks from a control room that looks suspiciously like the Drag Race  judges’ table.

Yeah, its a little cheesy, but would we really want some high-end concept video like “Thriller” or “Bad Romance”?

What do you think? Love it or lump it?

Source: The WOW Report