WATCH: RuPaul Lives Large In “Glamazon” Video

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The video for RuPaul‘s “Glamazon” is on the Interwebs now, and the clip—directed by Mathu Andersen—kind of reminds us of an episode of Drag Race: Silly, smart and low-budget. Phi Phi, Sharon, Jiggly Caliente and the rest of Ru’s girls kick, jump and explode in front of a green-screen version of Tokyo as the Supermodel of the World gives us diva looks from a control room that looks suspiciously like the Drag Race  judges’ table.

Yeah, its a little cheesy, but would we really want some high-end concept video like “Thriller” or “Bad Romance”?

What do you think? Love it or lump it?

Source: The WOW Report

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  • Aedan

    I love it- but still hate that Phi Phi is there top three. Ugh. Latrice should have been there. Phi Phi should have left ages ago.

  • jason

    Ru Paul is an ugly person. He/she appears to be a fetishistic freak. We in the gay community need to get away from these fetishistic types. They are not helping our cause. Go away, Ru Paul.

  • ChristopherM

    Dear Jason, he is ten times the positive representative of gay folks as your bitter butt is.

  • Chris S.

    I can’t stand our fellow homo boys who hate our transgendered sisters and our drag-a-licious queens. . . Subvert, b*tches!

    Then WERK!!!!!!!!!!

  • Chris S.

    @jason: I’m sorry, what’s our cause? To bend and submit to convention? In order to make straight society comfortable? And prove to God-know-who that we bow to normalcy and pray at its altar?
    Or that we deserve to exist on our own terms and manner of self-expression? To be free and fabulous and full of love and beauty? That we should be accepted as such based on simple tenets of love and humanity and all that is civilized about our being?

    Oh, ok. . . just checking.

  • Eva Limoges

    @jason: That’s what straight haters have been saying about gay people in general for years. Even gay people that are not in drag are considered fetishistic freaks just because they love the same sex. Whether there are people dressing in drag or not, people would still think that. Maybe instead of spreading some of that hate around, we should all respect RuPaul for fighting for your rights and be proud that someone that is gay has fought against the odds and overcame diversity. She wants only what all gay people want, and she is trying her hardest for that. I think maybe you misunderstand?

  • xamthor

    The very core of Gay rights is the right to be who you are.
    The right to express yourself, despite the current conventions and pressures of society.
    If who you are is a 7 foot fierce bitch in a dress, then by all that is holy; you BE that 7′ fierce bitch in a dress.

    When we win the rights to express ourselves; everyone else benefits by having the right to express themselves as well.
    It’s our gift tot he world. Permission to be yourself.

  • mikeandrewsdantescove

    Loved how the judges and special guests were featured throughout the video. My favorite song is The Beginning played at the end of end show. Glamazon is just an ok song for me.


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