WATCH: Russell Brand Interviews, Seduces Anti-Gay Members Of Westboro Baptist Church

British comedian and former Katy Perry lapse-in-judgement Russell Brand invited two members of the violently anti-gay Westboro Baptist Church onto his FX show Brand X and boy did the sparks fly. The romantic sparks.

No, just kidding. More like the sparks of vehement, religiousy hatred. Known for advocating that “God Hates Fags,” picketing the funerals of LGBT veterans and praising natural disasters as God’s punishment for those eternally-damned homosexuals, the WBC was bound to make for a great sit-down with a man they’ve branded as a “Fag Pimp.”

Steve Drain (the one wearing the charming T-shirt) and Timothy Phelps (most likely of the notorious Phelps klan) gifted Brand with a large placard bearing that endearing title and then the three got to talking about the Church’s favorite topic: gay sex.

After claiming that Madonna, Mahatma Gandhi and “definitely” Tom Hanks are going to hell, Drain and Phelps were introduced to three of Russell’s gay pals. It’s like you can see the clenching of Phelps and Drain’s rectums just from their faces. Then when Brand tries to cozy up to them, well…there were less awkward embraces between gay 90s sitcom characters.

Through it all, Drain and Phelps are dead serious about the fire and brimstone awaiting any and all of us who don’t prescribe to their myopic interpretation of the Bible. But if Gandhi, Madonna and “definitely” Tom Hanks are going to hell, sign us up for a first class ticket. On United Airgays, naturally.

(h/t: Pink News)