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  • Dumdum

    I am so glad we are not having a Romney/Ryan holocaust. I don’t want to live in the 1950s I like the 21st century. But I am not a Rac**t, I don’t hate women, and I certainly don’t hate myself or my Gay brothers and sisters or anyone else in the LGBTQ community. I can’t even hate the haters. Cause it’s a waste of time and energy. So piss off you bloody wankers. So long and thanks for all the fish.

  • BlogZilla

    Oh please. This guy (Romney) makes me sick to my stomach. And if you vote for him, you deserve what you get. He’s such a phony.

    I suppose he doesn’t want to tell anyone that he’s exactly the type of person who benefited financially from the GM bailout and he sends jobs to China and elsewhere around the world, and benefits heavily from that kind of behavior.. Yeah, you bet, he’s that kind of person through and through. He’s also , anti- women’s rights, anti -racial equality, anti-abortion, anti gays in military, and everything else you can think of. Take a look at his history.

  • BJ McFrisky

    If people vote with the rational half of their brains and not the emotional half, we’ll be hearing a whole lot more of what Romney has to say for the next four or eight years.

  • brandon

    This guy is such a disgusting human being. I prefer to keep my 14th amendment rights with Obama in office, thank you very much.

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