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WATCH: Sacha Baron Cohen trolls Mike Pence speech…by dressing as Donald Trump

Comedian and political satirist Sacha Baron Cohen has revealed his latest project: a sequel to his oh-so-scandalous 2006 documentary comedy Borat: Learnings of America for Make Benefit Glorious Nation of Kazakhstan. Borat Subsequent Moviefilm (which we’ll be referring to as Borat 2 from here on), arrives on Amazon Prime October 23, just in time for the end of election season.

Baron Cohen returns as Borat, the irritating Khazahkstani journalist obsessed with American culture. The new film finds Borat returning to the United States to understand the changing cultural landscape during the Trump era. As the trailer shows, that includes showing up at a CPAC speech given by Mike Pence in full costume as Trump himself.

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News reports also circulated earlier this summer that Borat had attended a far-right militia meeting in disguise where he lead the group in singing a racist song about injecting children with the “Wuhan Flu.”

The original Borat film earned wide acclaim, including a Best Screenplay Oscar nomination for Cohen, for its satire of the post-911/Iraq War hysteria in the United States. Much of the laughter came from Baron Cohen’s poking fun at right-wing politics, including segments trolling Republican politicians Alan Keyes and Bob Barr.

Frankly, we think some Borat-led mayhem is the very least Trump, Pence and the GOP deserve about now. Borat 2 comes to Amazon October 23.