WATCH: Sam Smith surprises fans with something wriggling into his mouth

You can’t perform for a stadium of adoring fans on an empty stomach — a lesson Sam Smith has no doubt learned by now.

So before his show in Seoul, South Korea, Smith stopped by Gwangjang Market to nosh on some local grub, which happened to include a plate of still-squirming octopus.

It was a culinary experience Smith opted to include his 10+ million Instagram followers in on, and we’d wager a sizable number of them also squirmed by the time the out singer finally wrestled a wriggling tentacle into his mouth.

“Gwangjang Market. Best part of my job is the music and the shows, second best part is getting to try all these mad and different foods,” Smith wrote in the caption, adding, “What an amazing day. P.S. this was genuinely nice, wasn’t just saying it.”

Watch below: