The Real Roxanne

WATCH: Sassy Gay Friend Sticks His Nose Into Cyrano De Bergerac’s Business

Second City’s Sassy Gay Friend (a.k.a. Brian Gallivan) is back to his literary roots—this time he’s keeping it real with anti-rhinoplasty activist Cyrano de Bergerac, who’s wasting his time helping a buddy get with that heifer Roxanne. (What, what, what are you doing Cyrano?)

It kind of degenerates into an ad for flavored water enhancer Mio, but as SGF deadpans, “Sorry guys—I gotta get it in.” Tee-hee!

Via Second City Network


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  • ashton cruz

    Love Mr. Sassy but it’s sad to see that MIO (which I also love) has ruined what used to be a fun series of sketches. Heres a tip, how about closing the sketch with “Sponsored By Mio” and keep the shit out of the sketch.

  • Stark

    @ashton cruz: Because that’s not what Mio pays for. It’s not cheap to produce those skits, so I completely understand why he does it. That being said, I do miss the old, unadulterated Sassy Gay Friends.

  • F

    I’ll take him any way I can.

  • skzip888

    Better than the last two, but still pretty distracting. It was still it’s funniest when they had no budget. If it makes them profit, good for them, but there’s little point in such high production values if people are just going to spend a quarter of the video looking at your product.

  • No. 1

    I don’t think any fan of Sassy Gay Friend would buy MIO because of these product placements. Whenever he gets to that part, I keep thinking, “Fuck MIO”.

  • Zack

    @No. 1: I’m a fan and i like MIO

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